why write?

You may wonder why on earth I would choose to write a blog. Why would I intentionally spill out my heart in a place for everyone to see?

The truth is, I need to write.

In my head and heart, I have so many thoughts, ideas, feelings and questions tumbling around. I try to make sense of it all but I ask you; how can so much wonder possibly be contained in such a formless space, absent of articulation? Some things need to be spoken, some things need to be sung, some things need to be written.  It’s one thing to scribble them into a journal or whisper them to a best friend, but to write them in a space transparent to the entire world, now that is something entirely different. To capture the thoughts in my head, is to bring them to life.

A speaker once gave me the image of a girl kneeling in a jumble of debris, surrounded by brokenness and the remnants of all the things she tried to build. He offers her his hand, and timidly she takes it. As He helps her stand on both feet, He whispers gently, “Let's make something beautiful this time.

This blog might not change the world but if anything- I want to hold His hand and make something beautiful. I string words together, create complex combinations of consonants and vowels, because together, displayed for the world to see, I believe that words can create something beautiful.

As you read, perhaps you will see that you have wondered some of the same thoughts or asked some of the same questions. And maybe you’ll find that in many ways, you are not alone in this crazy journey- maybe, just maybe, you can meet me right here. At a place where my head and my heart come spilling out. At a place where I use words to try to make sense of and marvel at and find beauty in all the messy bits of this ordinary yet very extraordinary thing called life.

love, mikayla

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